The Green Techpreneur is a comprehensive platform designed to help climate tech entrepreneurs raise funds, grow and thrive.

The Green Techpreneur is a marketplace, consultancy, and magazine designed to help climatetech entrepreneurs build, grow and thrive.

I’m Marianne Lehnis – Founder of The Green Techpreneur and Forbes Climatetech Contributor.

I used to work as a journalist but often rallied against the negative news bias; I wanted to create an opportunity for people making outstanding contributions to society and nature to connect and make their voice heard.

When the pandemic broke out, I launched The Green Techpreneur (GT), combining my interest in telling people’s stories with a passion for sustainability and fascination for entrepreneurship and innovation.

The GT has since grown into a multiple award-winning marketplace platform, and after interviewing dozens of entrepreneurs, I’ve constantly seen barriers to what’s considered possible being broken down. I’m more convinced than ever that solving climate change is within our reach, but it will take all of us, working together, to make it happen.

My aim is to provide you with unique insight and enable connections that keep investments flowing and businesses growing.

It’s my passion and privilege to showcase and support the sustainability leaders who are working hard every day to #SparkTheTransition.

What to expect

The Green Techpreneur features extraordinary greentech entrepreneurs and investors and shares insight on how to build your climatetech business. We also help you find funding via our marketplace and get investment-ready. GT is insightful, actionable and fun to read or listen to: Subscribe to our newsletter!

The green techpreneur aspires to:


Facilitate collaboration by providing a space for pioneers of the green economy to share their founder journey.


Connect companies with investors to get funding into the right hands.


Help entrepreneurs get investment-ready.


Inspire and support entrepreneurs as they develop products and services that enable green lifestyles and a low carbon economy


Celebrate and show the impact and strength of greentech as we transition to a low-carbon world.

Advisory Board

Karolina Lewandowska

Since 2015 Karolina Lewandowska has been mentoring and advising startup founders in Germany, the US and the UK. As the founder of a community and mentorship programme for female deeptech entrepreneurs, She Leads, and Co-founder of venture fund Starbeam Capital, she is a champion of female founders and hopes to inspire more women to start their own companies and get the backing they need to bring their big ideas to the world.

Mark Thackeray

Mark Thackeray has profitably established six IT companies and has acquired over $200 million in M&As for corporations. As a long-standing proponent of climate tech, he was the first UK market player to develop crowdfunding opportunities exclusively for climate tech startups in 2010. He’s since played a pivotal role in helping the climatetech sector develop though the The Green Techpreneur, connecting startups with opportunities for expansion.

Emma Coleman

Emma is Founder and Director of multiple award-winning Emma Coleman Skin Clinics and Emma Coleman Skincare. Emma started out as an NHS dermatologist and bootstrapped her way to building an outstanding beauty empire with several clinics and her own skincare brand. Emma has been featured in Elle, The Guardian, Vogue, Stylist, The Telegraph, Marie Claire, The Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Metro, Daily Express, BBC Radio 5, and many more globally renowned publications.

Perry Mccarthy

Top Gear’s Original Stig and Ex-formula one driver Perry McCarthy is a strong supporter of The Green Techpreneur where he uses his against-all-odds journey and lessons from the racetrack to motivate and inspire green startups to overcome challenges on their entrepreneurial path.