The following five climatetech startups seeking investment have been pre-vetted and identified as high potential startups by investment experts. Check them out, invest, and help change the world!


Calmura Natural Walls has developed a patented biocomposite wall system that provides healthy and durable shells to residential buildings. We use waste wood from lumber mills to create carbon-negative building products.

Climate focus area

Built Environment


Thanks a Ton is a climatetech platform for gifting Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR). We address the lack of widespread understanding, acceptance, and participation in CDR.

Climate focus area

Remove Carbon


Lectrium is a full-service platform for electric vehicle (EV) home charging with a mission to make every home EV-ready. Our ambition is to standardise and reduce the cost of the installation process and remove financial barriers for EV adoption.

Climate focus area

A technology platform to fix agriculture


Sustaio provides consumer climate impact intelligence for companies through data as a service with a supporting web platform. We are a B2B2C, Data as a service company. Consumers can get credit for lowering their climate impact while businesses can improve their relationships with new or existing customers by incentivising and rewarding climate-smart behaviour which could help them reduce their overall climate impact and track toward their ESG goals.

Climate focus area

Turn Movements Into Action


Pressure Corp provides industrial facilities, and the distributors and operators of gas pipelines (e.g., methane, hydrogen, ammonia, carbon dioxide) the ability to monetise their waste pressure. Pressure Corp purchases the waste pressure resource from their pressure letdown stations and transforms it into clean and reliable electricity.

Climate focus area

Decarbonize the grid

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