Our cleantech/fintech web3 native solution is a disruptive innovation that embeds 100% trade credit provision into renewable energy producing projects. Our bottom-up self-organizing approach empowers us to self-finance and industrially scale renewable energy projects globally while simultaneously providing liquidity providers with the opportunity to hedge inflation and protect purchasing power linked to the ecosystem’s renewable energy production.

We act as a service provider to the renewable energy producers we JV with and earn production revenues in addition to finance and trading fees.
See explainer Video and contact for further info/ pitch deck.

Customers and business model

Blockchain technology is on the precipice of revolutionizing industries worldwide, and its potential to drive sustainability is an integral part of this transformation. When it comes to energy and finance both the grid and money are decarbonizing, digitizing and decentralizing. It is at this decentralized sustainable energy and finance nexus the Synergy Impact Ecosystem will scale a world of socio-economic and environmental solutions.

Our web3 native solution is designed to digitize energy and energize money via an end-to-end (E2E) peer-to-peer energy (P2PE) business model. This model provides a 100% trade credit financial solution to the ecosystem’s renewable energy producers by allowing them to finance their qualified project’s capital expense out of the future revenues of their production.

Our solution builds a digital sustainable economy on blockchain, creating a complete market that allows renewable energy producers we JV with to receive a 100% trade credit production plant to be repaid from the on-chain revenues/ring-fenced cash flows of their renewable energy output.
We digitize and tokenize future production for trading to the producer’s energy customer(s), who onboard the P2PE market to procure their renewable energy supply. The cash flows of this trade are utilized to repay the capex cost of the renewable energy project.

This asset-based financing provides a means to secure capital using the very same assets to be financed as collateral. Producers are able to procure a 100% financed plant that pays for itself matched to their on-chain cash flows of renewable energy production and trade.

As all finance/trade/settlement occurs in-house, on our DLT, the liquidity providers’ counterparty risk is covered by the ring-fenced, asset-backed, supply chain finance model that holds the tokenized output pledged as collateral to secure the on-chain bankruptcy remote cash flows.

Additionally, the physical plant to be financed is secured by lien until the trade credit loan is fully repaid. Further credit enhancements will be provided by insurance providers, and in addition to the producer’s production revenues the digital economy generates its own revenues via token trading and project finance fees and a portion of these funds will go to provide additional insurance enhancements to ensure liquidity providers are fully covered.

As the energy is produced and token traded the smart contract automatically disperses the funds as per the terms to the ecosystem’s participants accounts/digital wallets in real time 24/7/365. From beginning to end all capital and cash flows circular flow within our digital sustainable economy, which is akin to digital sustainable nation.

The smart energy finance and trade model collects a finance fee upfront when projects are successfully financed, in addition to token trading fees and energy production revenue share from JV partnerships with the ecosystem’s renewable producers.

The benefit of this model to qualified JV producers is we will provide a 100%, end to end financial solution allowing them to take delivery of a renewable energy plant with no money down and pay for the plant from the future revenues of their production.

While for Synergy’s liquidity providers our cooperative B2B2C business model provides an alternative digital/physical store of value solution to BTC (digital) and gold (physical) that not only protects their purchasing power from the ravages of fiat devaluation but industrially scales qualified, quantified socio-economic and environmental solutions too.

The model is envisioned as a DAO CO-OP with all funds above operating expenses disbursed to the community. This is a perpetually circular, self sustainable cyber physical energy ecosystem that circular feedbacks real world solutions to all within the win-win economy and in general society as a whole.

Key IP

Our solution leverages existing IT, open-source tech, and our first renewable energy JV partner’s trade secret IP. Our founder has worked with this partner for the last 8 years. The JV partnership will see Synergy Impact Ecosystem (SIE) licensed to own, operate, and scale bioenergy production projects across North America. Synergy’s IT platform will accelerate these projects in addition to offering its services to any non-licensed global renewable energy projects.


Our Phase 1 Digital Twin renewable energy plant build in the metaverse is complete, with two Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) video monitors displaying project geo-locations and reporting qualified, quantified sustainable, renewable energy and GHG data.
Our end-to-end P2PE solution integrates financial services via Transak web 2 and web 3 Metaverse ATM  sourcing fiat liquidity from 155 nations via debit and bank transfers and from more than 10 crypto-exchanges.
We require one more month (Phase 2) to make this embedded source of liquidity operational. Phases 1 and 2 connect us to a world of liquidity that then needs to plug into our digital economy, which is the Phase 3 10-month IT build is ready to begin via our IT partner Lab577.

We are seeking investors/funding to complete Phase 2 and begin Phase 3, which has been structured to provide a self-sufficient decentralized finance/token issuance model to be employed within the first two to four months post our initial successful raise/start of IT build.
This ability will pay for the rest of the Phase 2/Synergy Impact Ecosystem (SIE) build and deliver the financial infrastructure connected to capital markets, allowing us to 100% trade credit finance our first and on-deck ‘Synergy Discovery’ renewable energy project.

This shovel-ready renewable energy project has feedstock contracted, a project location secured and ready to lease and an LOI from a lender ready to loan against this project’s refundable tax credits, which in addition to grant(s), offers sources of funding to compliment our intended self-sovereign embedded finance solution.


We are a team of combined Cyber Physical Energy System (CPES) Cyberbanking and CyberPhysicalMoney innovators, experienced renewable energy owner/operators and international trade, and blockchain/DAO legal experts located in Canada and the US.

Current Investors

We have bootstrapped our climate fintech’s development and start-up IT build to date and this raise marks our 1st external raise round.

Investment Opportunity

We are raising $300,000 CAD convertible loan note with interest at 6.5% per quarter. The estimated return is 13% over six months, with proceeds to cover our Phase 2 and 3 IT build funding. This raise provides sufficient capital to put Synergy Impact Ecosystem in the position to self-finance all future projects and operations and become revenue-generating.


Within two to four months of this initial raise, a second raise via a token generation event (TGE) will provide liquidity funding to build the shovel-ready BC demonstration project and working capital until the renewable energy project begins production by Q3 2024. The IT buildout will also be fully complete at this time, by Q3/2024. We are budgeting revenue generation beginning in 2025 from:

  • 1st post-demo plant finance fee
  • Synergy DEX trading fees
  • JV production revenue share


We are seeking $300,000 CAD convertible to 10% ownership in Synergy at a pre-money valuation of $3,000,000. Funds will be utilized for:

  1. Completing the remaining one-month Phase 2 “operational” IT build of the “Sustainable Metaverse” via our Metaverse Architects partners.
  2. Beginning Phase 3 DLT build via IT partner LAB577.
  3. Legal, marketing, working capital.
  4. University research/Digital MRV Protocol/peer review paper. Two professors are engaged. This investment will be amplified 1:1 by BC Innovates/Mitacs grant, with each $7,500 matched with $7,500 and provides a four-month internship.
  5. Get us to the self sovereign stage where we can source liquidity via the Transak integration to finance, trade and scale renewable energy projects and producers 24/7/365, without needing bank approval or requiring our qualified partner producers to provide a down payment.


Climate change and inflation are indiscriminate and will affect every person on the planet. Coal is the world’s #1 climate problem and also the world’s most dependable source of low-cost baseload energy.
This presents a conundrum for our civilization, which has spent the last 150 years ramping up on coal and has only ever only demanded more and more energy to fuel our world and the standards of living we enjoy today.
Simply put, we simply just cannot turn off the world’s #1 source of energy without 1st replacing it with a competitively viable, and reliable alternative. To do otherwise will result in blackouts and higher prices of energy, thus higher prices of everything that requires an input of energy. This is what we see occurring today.
For the world’s dependable coal fired generators currently consuming 5 billion tonnes per year of thermal coal to produce heat and electricity there is no commercially viable renewable fuel option being adopted that does not require:

  1. expensive thermal plant conversion cost
  2. pellet storage cost
  3. and increased logistical expense.

These increased costs are an impediment to renewable fuel adoption and a climate solution.
Only 1 renewable fuel that’s commercially viable and being adopted exists today, the industrial wood pellet, which prior to adoption requires the above 3 additional expenses.
The other alternatives for the world’s baseload energy generators are to be carbon taxed and legislated out of business or to build a natural gas plants producing half as much GHG as coal thus half a climate solution.
During the 1970’s inflation coal was the #1 performer and gold was the 2nd best option to protect purchasing power.
The world is at the end of a long debt cycle and both 1940’s and 1970’s inflation teaches us to expect an average 8% inflation this decade. Put another way, what costs $1 today will cost $2 in 10 years.
In this manner inflation is insidious, as the higher costs lead to less purchasing power, thus less demand for good and services, thus less jobs needed, thus more crime and lower standards of living as debt default and stagflation takes hold of the economy following more fiscal and monetary stimulus.
Both debt and equity perform bad in this environment while commodities outperform and energy in particular as an always needed staple good. Both inflation and climate change are indiscriminate and in varying degrees will affect every person on the planet.
Today, you could protect your purchasing power in gold and bitcoin but:

  • Are either of these digital and physical stores of value commodities a climate solution?
  • Are they productive stores of value or just mining a place to hoard wealth as opposed to actually producing wealth.

Both SOV options are win-lose propositions as opposed to our win-win solution for the betterment of all.


The Synergy Network provides a new decentralized mechanism facilitating sustainable trade credit and digital commodity trading of renewable energy assets, combining asset-based financing and supply chain financing within a fully cooperative, network economy. This will allow qualified producers to receive a 100% trade credit financed production plant with no money down.
The renewable energy we intend to produce, finance, trade, and industrially scale within our digital economy is a disruptive drop-in biocoal solution that will provide coal-fired generators with a lower-cost coal replacement solution that requires:

  1. No expensive thermal plant conversion costs (savings and more easily adopted).
  2. No pellet storage costs (savings and no risk of self-combustion pellet fires).
  3. 41% less logistical expense per gigajoule shipping more energy in fewer tonnes compared to the incumbent wood pellet solution (savings and less coal and oil GHG!!).

The solution will embed the sustainable value of renewable energy into money, empowering people with a sustainable store of value alternative to gold and Bitcoin that protects purchasing power and creates socio-economic and environmental good. The Synergy Impact Ecosystem industrially scales by simultaneously empowering coal-fired generators with the lower-cost ability to simply switch from the world’s #1 climate problem to the world’s #1 climate solution.

Uniqueness, technology overview, barriers to competition:

  1. No digital sustainable store of value (SOV) exists nor does (2) a drop-in replacement for thermal coal that’s viable.
    Our unique solution combines both within its own end to end digital economy solution designed to scale both energy and store of value solutions via:
  2. the native currency Synergy – a type of Stablecoin referenced and sought by Coinbase as a Flatcoin for its ability to hedge inflation and maintain purchasing power in our instance backed by the renewable energy and the native industry we will scale.
  3. Our biocoal solution will be viable as the novel process requires no biomass drying as does all other solid biofuel processes. This is a huge energy savings that provides the ability to produce a drop in biocoal at the viable price of a wood pellet. The market will automatically adopt the lower cost and better drop in product.

Market size and analysis:


  • The global coal production in 2021 is estimated at 7.7 billion tonnes, increasing by 292 million tonnes from 2020, making up some 27% of the world’s energy supply with some 5 billion utilized for heat and electricity.
  • The industrial wood pellet (coal replacement) market grows 1.66 million t/yr. The total global wood pellet market (industrial and home heating) reached a value of US$11.42 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach a value of US$17.33 billion by 2027, exhibiting a CAGR of 6.85% during 2022-2027.
  • The cryptocurrency market is valued at $1.1 trillion.


    • A lower cost drop in biocoal product will win all new industrial pellet business
    • An end-to-end digital platform provides the best solution to onboard and rapidly scale a supply chain of projects and partners.
    • Our back tested analysis on Synergy backed by 1 MWh of bioenergy shows it to be the more stable (less volatile) flatcoin solution not only protecting purchasing power from inflation but also hold redeemable real world energy value in downside bear markets vis a vis the more speculative Ether and Bitcoin.
    • History shows in both 1940’s and 1970’s inflation 3 spikes in the money supply, followed by 3 spikes in asset prices and then the eventual lag into consumer prices (CPI) 2020-2022 was the 1st spike. The economic crash underway will require a stimulus fix and this will lead to inflation spike #2.

Thus the future will be digital, sustainable and inflationary and we intend to exploit all 3 opportunities to scale socio-economic and environmental community solutions.


Physical: Feedstock and location are secured (contracted and negotiated) for BC demonstration project at the Discovery Eco-industrial park with full permitting and on the ocean to markets. COO Mr. Mueller has deep energy market contacts globally with Japanese interest to test and procure production from the project.
Digital: As mentioned, Phase 1 IT is complete, Phase 2 and 3 contracts are signed and ready to implement. We’ve engaged Mastercard regarding partnering, and they are keen given we share the same sustainable payment goals.

Core Team:

Steve Mueller COO
Over the past 30 years, Mr. Mueller has founded and operated private power generation businesses including gas cogeneration plants, district heating/cooling systems, solar electric systems and biomass power plants. Most recently, Steve built and operated a 100,000-ton pellet plant in Eastern US and developed a 500,000-ton pellet plant in NC.

James Holbein Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)
Jim Holbein is a lawyer, author and expert in international trade based on 30+ years’ experience in the private sector and for the U.S. Department of Commerce and U.S. Department of State as a diplomat and trade negotiator. Over the last six years, Jim has developed expertise assisting clients in the emerging sector of blockchain, decentralized finance (DeFi), developing decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO) which further builds on his experiences leading IT projects.

David Tiessen Founder, CEO
Over the past 9 years as VP of Business Development at Arterran Renewables David helped advance clean technology to commercialization, initiating projects/partnerships in Canada, India and Malaysia, raising over $1 million in funding and in-kind support while building brand recognition through media, events and awards including winning Startup Canada’s Award for Sustainable Development, nomination for the 2016 Governor Generals Award for Innovation and laureate in the Intel Tech Awards.
Relative experience and knowledge is trading, investing, macro and Thermoeconomics, business and long- term debt cycles, monetary policy, and digital transformation.


Our vision is to globally scale a sustainable store of value platform ecosystem underpinned by renewable energy projects producing sustainably qualified, quantified socio-economic and environmental solutions in JVs with local waste-to-energy companies.
Conservatively in ten years our annual capacity will process 6.3 green metric tonnes of waste per year producing three million tonnes of an ideal drop-in coal replacement containing 72 million giga joules of renewable energy annually net displacing 153,792,000 t/CO2e.

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