BeWorks Automation’s founder, Fidan Javadova, is leading launching a crowdfunding campaign to build an accessible electric vehicle (EV) charger prototype.

Fidan Javadova started this company with a simple goal – to increase awareness and to present BeWorks as a catalyst for electric mobility and renewable energy across the UK, offering inclusive solutions that provide a positive impact on our communities in first place. BeWorks Automation was founded based on Javadova’s frustration with the fragmented charging experience.

The company believes in a universal approach to EV charging, and their mission is to provide an effortless charging experience for every EV driver. Their EV retractable charger will be equipped with a state-of-the-art automatic electronic cable management system. The fully retractable power cable and connector will be stored within the units when not in use and will be locked in place.

When the power button is pressed and a valid charge activation is received, the charger cables will come to the customer, eliminating the need for unwrapping them from the charging station or picking them up off the ground. Fidan is calling out to the crowd to support BeWorks with exciting and lucrative plans for the future.

You can back their project through the link below:
Crowdfunder – accessible EV chargepoints