The Green Techpreneur is joining forces with Climate Marketplace, to launch a global multi-faceted platform supporting and linking greentech startups with investors

We know that a lack of funding or difficulty in fundraising is a key issue for many climate tech startups, and we’re here to make your journey easier.

The Green Techpreneur (GT) can today announce its partnership with climate tech investor database Climate-Marketplace, as well as the launch of the new expanded Green Techpreneur platform for climate tech startups, enabling introductions for startups to the right accelerators and founders.

The Green Techpreneur, through its partnership with Climate-Marketplace, now offers the most-complete climate-action dedicated platform for startups and investors. If you need support in getting investment-ready, we offer consultancy to help founders better understand and prepare for the investment climate in which they sit.

If you’re all queued up and ready-to-go, we make the path to finding funding accessible and affordable for high-impact climate tech founders looking to gain visibility and funding through the Climate-Marketplace.

“The GT exists to make a big impact for climate tech entrepreneurs and accelerate their journey to launch and scale,” says Marianne Lehnis, Founder of The GT. We are truly excited to be joining forces with our sister company Climate Marketplace in a partnership we know will help climate tech startups all over the world with their fund-raising efforts.
“Climate tech businesses and innovation will be what saves us from climate catastrophe, we’re here to ensure startups get the support and resources they need to succeed to #SparkTheTransition.”

Climate Marketplace already has an impressive track record of helping over 150 climate tech startups raise £200 million since 2020. Together, we’re ready to build on that record and help funds flow where they can make the biggest impact for the environment.

“Partnerships such as these can be that final, elusive piece of the puzzle teams are looking for to access the next level, says James Burford, Director at Climate Marketplace.

“The Green Techpreneur recognises the roles networking and exposure can play in a Climatetech startup’s journey. Against a backdrop of deeply-shared values, this partnership has the potential to truly elevate teams, allowing them the space to get on with the business of saving the planet.”
Only 1% of startups are currently accepted into accelerator programmes, and many more fail to even launch, as a result, countless potentially world-changing ideas are left unexplored.

At the GT, we’re breaking down the barriers to entrepreneurship, creating a more inclusive space by providing an opportunity for everyone with a smart idea the access necessary for support: “The Green Techpreneur has helped quite a few start-ups gain market awareness and supported them in sales. With our network in the green-tech world, from investors to board advisors through to marketing companies, we’re ready to further help startups accelerate their progress,” says Mark Thackeray, Non-Executive Director, The Green Techpreneur.

The GT community platform was founded in 2021 by journalist-turned-entrepreneur Marianne Lehnis to create opportunities and level the playing field for founders and companies making outstanding contributions to society in their efforts to fight the planet’s toughest battle – the climate crisis. Originally designed as a platform to highlight the incredible work of climate tech founders, we have now expanded into a multi-purpose platform touching numerous facets of startup growth.

Karolina Lewandowska, Co-founder of Venture Capital Fund StarBeam, is a partner and supporter of The Green Techpreneur:“I am committed to investing through StarBeam Venture Capital fund into startups in the climate-tech sector and therefore the collaboration between Starbeam and The Green Techpreneur could not have come at a better time. I am excited about The Green Techpreneur and the power behind their platform as well as their commitment to inspire and support clean tech entrepreneurs, help connect companies with the right investors and increase the visibility of climate tech solutions.”

Leon Gerard Vandenberg, CEO & CTO Sunified Group adds; “The Green Techpreneur helps you share your story in a real, engaging way to help your clients connect with the authenticity of your founder launch journey. The platform delivers the messages of your vision, mission and values to create greater impact as a sustainability leader. The level of commitment the GT has for helping climatetech startups succeed is a joy to watch.”

“Our founder launch journey story had steller engagement, told our unique story, and shone a light on our brand’s strengths. I highly recommend The Green Techpreneur to business owners and entrepreneurs looking to amplify their business’ impact online,” says Pratik G., Co-founder at Skyfri.

This latest development adds direct funding to a platform already driving forwards the climate tech startup ecosystem.

To learn more about our joint offer to support your startup with its fundraise, get in touch!

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