The following five climatetech startups seeking investment have been pre-vetted and identified as high potential startups by investment experts. Check them out, invest, and help change the world!


Greener is a B2B algorithmic matchmaking platform that helps food and drink businesses build a sustainable supply chain by matching them with the right suppliers/partners.

Climate focus area

Fix Food & Supply Chain


JustAir provides local air pollution monitoring solutions to cities to bring greater transparency into air quality disparities among our communities.

Climate focus area

City Infrastructure & Built Environment


Wildgrid is on a mission to cut through the confusion and make it simple for anyone to find the best solar option for them – whether they are a renter or a homeowner. It’s a marketplace that makes it easy to find trusted, local solar providers and provides the right recommendations tailor-made to individual needs.

Climate focus area

Decarbonise the grid & Solar


Olokun Minerals extracts valuable metals and minerals from salty, mineral-rich wastewater streams and creates products that can be used in concrete to build infrastructure, fertilisers for agriculture, and batteries for electronics and vehicles.

Climate focus area

Clean up industry & Protect Nature


The Climate Justice (CJ) Standard is a certification and marketplace for carbon offsets and other climate change mitigation projects that adhere to the principles of climate justice, connecting funders with real climate solutions at a fair price.

Climate focus area

Remove Carbon & Protect Nature

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