The following five climatetech startups seeking investment have been pre-vetted and identified as high potential startups by investment experts. Check them out, invest, and help change the world!


Mi Terro is redefining the circular economy by upcycling and engineering agricultural waste to replace plastic in the food, packaging, and fashion industries. This synthetic biology and advanced material company utilises big data to create home compostable plastic alternatives made from plant-based agricultural waste – this is a first-of-its-kind approach.

Climate focus area

Clean up industry


ReShore is creating the LIVING Breakwater – a product that combines floating breakwater tech with shellfish and seaweed aquaculture to protect coasts, produce food and rebuild ecosystems. It helps protect coastal communities against rising sea levels, destruction of natural ecosystems and food shortages while providing local stakeholders with a sustainable income through sale of shellfish and seaweed.

Climate focus area

Protect nature


Tidal Foods PBC create foods made with kelp from regenerative ocean farms that remove carbon from the ocean, improve water quality and provide a habitat for biodiverse marine life.

Climate focus area

Fix food & protect nature


Mars Materials (“Mars”) aims to convert captured CO2 into robust, affordable every day products like affordable carbon fibre. Its mission is to commercialise technologies capable of sequestering and removing greenhouse gases.

Climate focus area

Decarbonise the grid


ReVert Technologies has reimagined management of common household electronics to deliver easy energy and cost-savings. Its developed a smart plug with voice control that can be scheduled to turn devices on and off, track device usage, compute carbon emissions, and effortlessly identify and implement energy saving tactics using AI.

Climate focus area

Decarbonize the grid

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